A multi-disciplinary team of passionate and skilled tradesmen.

Holmes was founded by partners Harry and Steve. They are backed by a dedicated team of qualified and vetted subcontractors who share our values - many of whom we've known and worked alongside for over 15 years.

Building Excellence.

Simple motto, strong ethos

Holmes was founded to be a different kind of building firm - one that cares. To that end, we identified the following values as being those that would drive the firm.


We'll strive to achieve perfection of all work undertaken.
"That'll do" will never do.

All members of the Holmes team should be passionate about their trade and truly enjoy working within the construction industry

Holmes seeks to redefine the modern building firm, setting new standards for quality of result and service.


If you're looking for a highly skilled, honest and grounded building firm, contact us today.

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We're always on the lookout for skilled individuals who share our values to join our family of tradespeople.

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Architects/ Interior Designers

Building lasting relationships is what we do. Get in touch to discuss partnering or invite us to tender for a development.

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